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White Dome geyser
Watson sheep
Fran on the alp sketching
Alp sketch
Alp view
Swiss mountain
Swiss scene
The Lamb Inn UK
Hooker Falls NC
View from Mt Mitchell NC
Swiss  mountains
Chirichua mountains, Arizona copy
Major oak,Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood territory

Sol Duc , ONP
Swan's Island Irish pt rocks ME
Sand Creek rec area 1000px
Reichenback falls

Where Moriarty met Sherlock Holmes for battle.

pitcher plant
Arizona cranes
DPNC sketch page
M-T's barn, France
Sketching at Helford crossingg
Sketching Mt St Helens
Mt St Helens sketch
Matterhorn  dawn
Marymere Falls, ONP
Lotschental valley Switzerland
Lake Quinault B ONP
Hoh river, ONP
Harrington Cove, Grand Manaan
Gastental valley Kandersteg Switz.
Sketching yellow lady slippers
View from Shynigge Platte
Arizona Rhyolite Canyon
1st beach , ONP
Aare gorge Meiringen Switz.
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