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oil 18x24 $300 Napatree point is a long sand spit in south western Rhode Island. It is conserved land now.


watercolor 11x14" $250

Narragansett church

Graphite and watercolor 9x12" $200

Beartooth  lake

Oil 18x14 $300 Montana outside Yellowstone

Silver Fallls NH

Oil 18 x 24" $300

Blooming red

Oil 18x24" $300 A country-style presentation.

Fungi in ink

ink 9x12"

Bluebells and hawthorn

Oil 18x24" $300 Bluebells and hawthorn are two of my favorite plants in an English spring.

Sweet Old Bill

Watercolor 8 x 10" $150 The maple sugaring king

Prickly Poppy

Acrylic 16 x 20" $250 A plant of the Southwest's poor soils that may have pharmaceutical properties

Finding refuge

Watercolor 16 x 20" $250 A scared rabbit seeks refuge in an old shed.

bird house

Watercolor 11 x 13 " $ 50

Longevity and Tenacity

Watercolor 16 x 20" $300 Clinging tenaciously to a hillside this tree speaks of hanging on regardless.

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